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2009 H1N1 Flu at a swim meet???

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Ok, this spring will be remembered for the swine flu pandemic. I went to the Las Cruces Aquatic Team's Sun Tan classic swim meet this weekend (LCM) to get some swim meet experience before my big races. Since we live so close to Old Mexico and because there are several very good Mexican age group teams within a few hours drive of Las Cruces, the pool staff and event organizers were worried about spreading the flu virus.

I understand they politely requested that the Mexican teams stay at home and they argeed to do so. It is a real shame that the flu panic would have such an effect and hopefully this won't happen again.

One of the bad side effects of the flu panic is that the water seemed to be super-chlorinated. Besides smelling like bleach, I spent the evening and next day with a burning feeling in my lungs. Yech.

Oh well, any bugs that were hitchhiking that day were most likely decimated.

BTW, a physician friend of mine told me that there is a significant number of people in the USA who would test positive for the H1N1 antibody - but are not necessarily ill with flu.

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