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One Stroke at a Time

A return to long course

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by , September 21st, 2013 at 11:02 PM (658 Views)
Saturday, September 21
400 (50 kick/50 swim)
4 x 100 1:35
300 pull 5:00
3 x 100 pull 1:40
200 3:40
2 x 100 1:50 50 stroke/50 free
100 easy
8 x 50 on 1:00 odds 3 stroke then 6 kicks evens swim
4 x (100 on 1:40 then 50 kick on 1:00)
4 x (50 kick fast on 1:15 then 100 moderate 1:45)
4300 meters

I knew it would be long course before I arrived. I had tried to swim Friday night and we were rained out but the pool had already been changed so I was one of the few who was not surprised this morning. I was pretty beat up by the end but made it through the entire workout. I much prefer long course to short course so didn't want to get out early since I am unsure if we'll have another weekend until next year. I will try to go back tomorrow and possibly Monday am since they usually don't flip the pool until after Monday am workout.

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