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Finally, some signs of life!

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by , September 22nd, 2013 at 03:23 PM (788 Views)
I am finally actually almost unbelieveably feeling pretty good! You won't believe this is me posting, maybe someone hijacked my blog and posted in my place. Anyway, set your faces to stun!

On Friday, I got a haircut and an eyebrow wax. Then I had an awkward amount of time, too much hang around, so I decided to swim a quick sprint workout on my own. I went nearly exactly the same times as the week before, but my fly is finally starting to come back:

From the blocks:
fly 32
back 35 high
breast 40
free 29

then the team came in. I decided to stay for a bit and loosen up. But then, I stayed for the entire workout since I really liked the sprint sets! So I was actually in for a whopping 1 hour and 45 minutes!!!!

The main sets I liked were
8 x 75's, 2 rounds
fast/easy 50
all easy
all fast
I did these IM w/o free

6 x 50's
all fast
I did these fly and/or breast

I'm bummed out I won't be racing until Nov. There there are too many choices over limited weekends! I have also decided that during the school year, drylands/vasa once a week would be good. I just can't do more without bumping into recovery days! So here's my plan:

Mon - strong/sprints
Tues - strong/sprints
Wed - easy swim or off
Thurs - off; stretch only
Fri - strong/sprints
Sat - drylands/vasa
Sun - easy swim or off

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