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After a long rest

Week 52 - Saturday

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Today's workout
16x50 free on 40
12x50 with fins on 1min underwater including the turn and push off followed by easy back
6x200 Free easy on 2.30
8x50 kick on 1.10 best average
400 easy

Total 3400scy

The underwaters with turns under water were surprisingly hard. I held 2.10s on the 200s and felt pretty good and easy. The best average kick I went 33,35 36,36,36,36,37,38. I was really happy with these and finally feel like I am getting a respectable kick. I still have a lot of work ahead on my legs.

The workout was a short one due to an inter squad meet that my daughter swam in. She got a couple more BB times and dropped 6 seconds on her 50 fly. She just missed the A time on this which is amazing since she could not really do a legal 50 fly just about a year ago.

We followed the workout with circuit and strength training in the weight room. Like Thursday we did 10,8,6 reps per machine by circuit.

3x(bench press, seated row hands inside, seated row hands outside, leg extension, lower back machine, leg curls per leg, inclined bench, military press, lat pull down with hands inside, lat pull down with hands outside)

I was really beat at the end of this but watched my daughters meet and had great fun seeing her enjoy her swimming. I wish I was still at the point of dropping 6 seconds on a 50. She is doing great and I am trying my best to not interfere; it's so hard.

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