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joel schmaltz

Stroke work Wed

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300 mix up
4 x through
-50 BK kick r/5
-100 (50 DBL arm BK/ 50 BK swim) r/10
4 x through
-50 with bouy at ankles r/5
-100 swim with no kick * use core to stay straight r/10
4 x through
-50 4 BK strokes, 3 free strokes r/5
-100 (50 BK build/ 50 free build)

After the first round, the stroke portion was build and the free portion was hard.
Dropping a 25 of the IM each round.
Rest 60ish between easch round of 400 and 25's
400 IM build each 100 r/15
4 x 25 FLY hard r/10
400 IM 75 stroke/25 free r/15
4 x 25 BK hard r/10
400 IM 50 stroke/50 free r/15
4 x 25 BR hard r/10
400 IM 25 stroke/75 free r/15
4 x 25 FR hard
400 free hard

4500 + w/d

Loved this one! It would have been brutal for me if they were all true 4IM's. My strokes all felt fairly good except for free. Very sloppy.

I have made a few changes to my BK and BR and am anxious to see what I can do when I race next month in Charlotte.

I will only be swimming that Sat while my wife goes shopping for the day up there. I signed up for the 50 BR, 2BK and the 2BR mostly just to see if my changes are positive. Should be a good time.


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