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I swim, therefore I am

Friday, October 4, 2013

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by , October 4th, 2013 at 10:34 PM (467 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 81 Water temp 79
Sunny & partly cloudy, humidity at 74%

Warm Up
200 RIMO
200 BK kick
200 BR kick/bk
200 DK on bk
8x50 MF on HR rest, as 25SDK/25K-bk

*Set 1*
300-200-100 FR pull on 1:00 rest, SPL-10 w/snorkel, AP, tube-buoy
---200 IM kick
400 IM, 2x200 IM, 2x100 IM on HR rest, DPS w/legal turns
---100 BK

*Set 2*
20x25 Dive at 65-75% on HR rest, 10 Fly/10 FR

*Set 3*
4x200 FR on 3:00 SPL-8 *2:26-2:22 w/snorkel, EZ smooth effort

Warm Down
3x100 IM EZ

During the Warmup and Set 1 on Wednesday I felt that I was working hard just to swim at a not so fast pace (even more so than the Tuesday). At that point I changed the workout towards rest, recovery and as a best possible stroke form, which I did Thursday, today, and will do if I swim this weekend. This little recovery phase of 4-6 days is my version of the Fort's Recovery Week. Monday I will start training with quality sets again.

Either late last week or early this week I sensed while attempting some fast dive 50s that my heart rate was getting jacked up just from the effort of trying to dive & swim quickly to the point I felt I was rushing everything. So each day this week I have been doing at about 20-40 25s (and some 50s) at moderate pace working on a relaxed dive with smooth underwater transition in to swimming the strokes. At the end of each dive 25 and/or 50 I would take my pulse, so eventually with practice and repetition, I was able swim many of them (easy pace) at an effort resulting in HR 11-13/six seconds.

It may be easy to do for some swimmers, but I felt encouraged knowing how to cruise a relaxed 50 free from a dive at low 29 with an HR that is still between 110-130 (hopefully I can bring that time/effort down a little bit more). I have also done 50s like this for the butterfly. I need to practice being calm when I start a race, so I can swim with the same confidence, stroke form, and pacing that I do in practice.

I have been working on my freestyle speed this summer and September more so than IM. However I generally swim all four strokes almost daily, and I am drawn to both the 400 IM and 200 Fly in the upcoming SCM meet at Sarsoata in Nov 9-10. In discussing this with coach Chuck, I am going to prepare myself mentally and physically for these events between now and late October (registration deadline is Nov 2), then I can will register for the events that I feel most ready to take on.

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