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Workout 10/03/13: OW

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I was able to pound the pavement again today and went for 2.3 mile run in just over 24 minutes this morning. I was not really feeling like it, but since I didn't run on Tues due to the (scrubbed) OW swim on Wed, I pushed myself out the door. It worked out well, since I had time after some Rx Task Force stuff to knock out before going to the college for Chapel. Lena and I had lunch out, then I headed over to Lake Paran for an OW swim.

The weather the past week has been gorgeous, with hardly no precipitation and daytime highs in the low to mid 70's under almost fully sunny skies. Never happens on my vacations! haha I couldn't get into the normal parking lot above the beach due to construction, so I went the back way to the boat launch on the other side. No one was around at 2pm, so I ventured into the water.

"Cold" I thought as I tried to splash some water on my body. After my belly button dipped below, "wicked cold." I reserved myself just to swim to the beach, where I measured the temperature. 58 degrees. I could tell it was under 60 since I swam heads-up free the whole way. Since I didn't turn into a popsicle on the way over, I worked at keeping control of my breathing and went to the far northern edge, aiming for a beautiful red-leaved tree. I finally got over the "ice-cream" headache after eight minutes, but then my neck was super stiff. I expected this, but not the discomfort for as long as it lasted (about 15 minutes). No wonder other endurance athletes use warm water drips around their necks!

As I circled back to the launch, I was startled by some orbs of green globs in places. The water is shallower in that area, and I don't need any help getting freaked out in the OW. (I still think of that "Jason" clip Tim posted last year with dread, especially when I swim alone.) I made it back to the area of the van, then did a smaller loop. Oddly, there was an older lady, in her 70's, doing breaststroke near the beach. Back and forth she went. Cool.

So, to test my cold water tolerance, I made it 0.91 miles in 58 degree water in just over 30 minutes. That temp is 4 degrees colder than my previous low. Like the limbo, I'll try it again next week, as long as Jason stays away.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Beautiful picture. Looks awesome.
  2. ViveBene's Avatar
    Agree that's a beautiful view, enough to tempt one into the water. ~ Practice tip: go in on the back and do backstroke for a few minutes. Congratulations on building cold water tolerance!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thank you both, perhaps someday I will be able to take a less crooked photo!
    Thanks for the tip, VB. I plan to go again on Tues and will try some backstroke to help with acclimation.