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10|8|13 SCM

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by , October 8th, 2013 at 12:42 PM (125 Views)
1000 warmup fr and drills

8 x 50 dive from side fr on 1:00

5 x 15m turn drill on 0:20

5 x 15m turn drill on 0:30

25 dive from side fr moderate - 0:16

25 bk

10 x 15m turn drill on 0:15

25 dive from side fr moderate - 0:15

I have a rash behind each armpit. My lower lymph node areas (left and right) also seem to be tender. Been through this before, usually caused by certain clothing detergents and products.
In addition I feel fatigued and sore, and yesterday's swim seemed somewhat more difficult than usual, but I've really been nailing the dryland routine which likely is the cause.

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