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After a long rest

Week 54 - Wednesday

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I was a little stiff this morning when I woke up and suspect my relatively high yardage(for me) workout with the kids was the cause. I loosened up after a goodf warmup but did not feel great today. We did a nice mix of kick, drill, swim, speed and aerobic work with some good levels of intensity throughout.

Warm up
400 swim with snorkel
6x50 catchup drill on 45
5x150 kick on 2.40
100 easy

Main set
4x(2x50 back swum drill swim by 25 on 1min, 2x100 free fast on 1.30)
200 easy
3x200 on 2.30 swum aerobic with snorkel, coming up at yellow markers
3x50 no breathers on 1min

Warm down
100 easy

Total 3800scy

On the transition kick set I was holding 45 seconds per 50 and got about 25 seconds rest. On the main set I was focusing on kick on both the 50s back and the fast 100s free. On the free my coach has asked me to start introducing fly kick on the turns. I struggle with going deep enough to get the 6 kicks SDK's he wants. I was able to get 3 SDKs off each wall and went 56-57's on all of the fast 100's. These were definately not flat out but I was tired at the end of this set. The 200's I swam about 2.10's and used them as an active recovery. The 50 no breathers were very hard and I took 1 breath about 5 meters out on both of the first two, but made the last one. I was trying to 6 beat kick throughout the workout and to add the SDK's which added to my lung challenges on the last no breather 50s.

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