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Thursday, October 10, 2013

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by , October 10th, 2013 at 02:07 PM (580 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 71 Water temp 79
Sunny & partly cloudy, humidity at 67%

Warm Up
50 eggbeater kick/bk adjusting goggles
200 Fly as 4(25K/25S) w/snorkel
200 BK as 4(25K/25S)
200 BR as 4(25K/25S) w/snorkel
200 FR as 4(25K/25S) w/snorkel

*Set 1*
Up and Down the IM Mountain
/all IM on HR rest

*Set 2*
500 DK/bk w/fins, desc by 100s 1-5
300 BR K/bk, kicks/25 *10-8
8x25 UW SDK on 1:00

*Set 3*
16x50s on HR rest from dive, 8 Fly/8 Free
--25/1 as 10-12 SDK, 3-4 DPS strokes/cycles
--25/2 as 12-16 SDK off turn, 4-5 DPS strokes/cycles

Warm Down
200 FR EZ SPL-4

Set 1, swimming up/down the IM Mountain is based on a set from the forum post, "10.6.13-Monday workout" at Pete's Swim Blog. The version they did was more difficult with all the 100s Fly, 200s as IM, and 300s-400 as Free on interval. I just wanted to do some IM base swimming where each turn/breakout is legal, with complete UWs, and the breathing, stroke form are as best possible. I started out each swim very steady and smooth gradually increasing effort towards a strong final 25. My HR would generally be about 150-170 after each swim, taking 10-15 seconds to 110 on the 100s and 200s, then 20-30 seconds to 110 on the 300s and 400. I am practicing my breathing so that on the stroke transitions I am not running out of air on the UW portions particularly with back to breast.

When I finished Set 1, I could feel what an effort is was in my back and my arms were quite tire as well. Set 2 started with doing the dolphin kick with fins on my back providing a good recovery. As I am not a natural breaststroker, I do the breaststroke kick as fewest kicks possible, which seems to help me perform BR kick with better streamlining and follow through as it would apply to the kicking when swimming the full stroke.

Today in Set 3 was my first attempt to try to swim moderate pace 50s with 10-12 SDK off the dive and also 12-16 SDK from the turn at the wall. Right away I discovered it is much more challenging to actually do, than to imagine/visualize doing it! The first few I was barely finishing and gasping for air. After several tries I was able to do the first 25 at an easy pace, then make sure I breathed well before taking the turn, and with a strong push off counted the kicks going back, finishing with strong DPS strokes rather than hard swimming. I think over time as I practice this more, I will become more proficient.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    How does your form hold up on fly 100s over a set like that? More than any other stroke, I worry about swimming fly for 'too long' creating bad form habits. Generally, I'm good for 50s in workout. Even when I do a 400 IM in workout, my form is usually starting to get sloppy by the 60-80 mark of the 100. That had to be a tough set (#1).