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After a long rest

Week 54 - Saturday

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Today's workout was another tough one and I am feeling'the affects of a long week. I did a short weight workout after practice before my daughter swum her meet.

Warm up
6x200 swum as 100 free, 50 back, 50 free drill all with snorkel on 2.45
8x75 kick on 1.20

Main set
10x100 free with fins on 1min
100 easy
10x50 drill on 1min
5x150 on 1.50

Warm down
100 easy

Total 4250scy

I was holding 1min for the 75s kick. The 10x100 set was a similar pattern to my previous attempts at this. I made 7 and the took 30 seconds rest and finished them out. I honestly think I would stand more chance without the fins. Somehow the fins make my legs hurt really bad and by 7 I am struggling. The last set of 150s I was holding 1.30s.

I did two circuits of weights, the first round I did 10 reps and the second round I upped the weight and did 8 reps.

2x(bench press, inclined bench, military press, seated row with hands inside, seated row with hands outside, leg extension, lower back extension, leg curls, lat pull down with hands inside, lat pull down with hands outside).

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