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After a long rest

Week 55 - Tuesday

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I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Todays workout was tough and we have definately ramped up the yardage this week.

Warm up
2x1000 with snorkel on 12 mins

Main set
16x50 free on 35
5x500 on 5.30
100 easy

Warm down
8x100 alternating free drill and back drill on 1.30

Total 6200scy

I felt pretty horendous after the warmup and never really hit my stride today. I was sore and stiffened up on the 500's. I held 32s on the 50's and then held 5.25s on the 500's except the last one where I went 5.30. I was beat after the main set and the last 800 was swum some what aimlessly. I was too tired to focus on drill and really did more like active recovery.

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