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One Stroke at a Time

Fight, fight

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by , October 16th, 2013 at 02:12 PM (638 Views)
October 14
4 x 150 kick on 3:00 descend
3 x (200 easy pull on 3:20 then 2 x 150 fast pull on Round 1 2:10, #2 2:05, #3 2:00)
10 x 50 one easy / 1 fast stroke on 1:00
100 easy
3200 yards

October 15
8 x 50 on 55 2 each stroke odds kick/drill evens kick/swim
4 x (6 x 50 on 55 IM order by round, 4 x 25 on 30 pull IM order by round then 200 IM on 3:30)
100 easy
3100 yards

I enjoyed both these work-outs. There was a good variety of different sets and nothing too long. I was happy to make it through the IM set on Tuesday. There was some excitement in my lane on Monday as a there was a lot of yelling by one member directed at another (neither of which was me). Because I was leading the lane, I am not sure what exactly happened except that it involved some malfunctioning paddles, a pile up and some high volume cursing. The same group reassembled on Tuesday and everything seemed fine. I hope this doesn't repeat as it was pretty unpleasant.

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