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After a long rest

Week 55 - Saturday

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I had a good nights sleep last night and felt pretty good today. My wife's grandmother went home today so my wife was up earlier than me for a change(she was not terribly happy about getting up early). Turnout was light at the pool and the workout was very long, but pretty straight forward. Due to a high school meet I had to cut the workout a little short and it should have been a 5200scy swim but ended up at 4600scy, making Just under 32k for the week.

4x400 with snorkel on 5mins

Main set
8x200 pull on 2.20 descend 1-4,5-8
1000 with fins on 10mins working turns

Warm down
500 swum alternating 100s back and free

Total 4600scy

on the 200s I descended from 2.06 to 2mins on the first round and 2.07 to 1.58 on the second round. I was a little light headed on the second round for some reason. I was a little off time wise on the 1000 but worked the turns.

Next week is likely to be a big yardage week also since we are in a long yardage cycle, but based on how I felt this week I hope we don't up the intensity or I may have some real challenges next week. At least I am in Dallas all week and get to sleep in my own bed.

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  1. ndauksavage's Avatar
    Nice workout today! How long is this long yardage cycle?
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ndauksavage
    Nice workout today! How long is this long yardage cycle?
    Two more weeks. When I spoke to Tom about taking another week off work for a training camp, he wanted me to do it the week after thanksgiving so I am guessing we won't see much of a drop off in yardage until after that.