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Sat., Oct. 19

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Swim @ Sewickley Y

Met up with Jim and Water Rat at the Y to do a workout of Jim's design.

700 warm up

3 x (4 x 150)
R1 @ 2:20
R2 @ 2:10
R3 @ 2:00

I did free on round one and backstroke kick with fins on round 2. On round 3, I opted to do strong 100s. Did 2 flutter kick with board & fins and 2 backstroke kick, holding 1:00 or under. Mark was holding some very fast free times.

50 EZ

6 x (75 EZ @ 1l15 + 25 AFAP @ :45)
-- I cramped on the first 3 AFAP efforts and had to shut them down, likely from all the kicking. The last 3 I pushed off very gently and did breaststroke.

100 EZ

Total: 2950


I had meant to just cruise today, but ended up with a mostly aerobic workout, which was fine. I'm going to take today off and be lazy. Poor Jimby is suffering from a similar malaise and so was one of my dinner guests. Nasty virus going around.

Jim was regaling us with tales of his interview with Brent Rushall of USD fame. Coming soon to Swimmer magazine! Among other tidbits, Rushall does agree that deeper pools are faster (yes!) and that toys are unnecessary (no!).

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