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Workouts 10/22/13: am and pm

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I forgot that I had a RX Task Force meeting this morning at 9am, so I pared down my swim. It was further reduced due to lack of a guard until about 8:20, so after a warm shower I got in:

100 FR, 200 BK, 300 IM,
400 Shark Swim,
300 (first 25 of each 75 was IMO FAST),
200 IM drill, 100 skull/swim by 25
(Solo/Rec/1600 yds/25 min)

The weather was overcast and raining, so I bagged the OW attempt for this week. I feel that sun is a necessity for me the next time I get in the lake. Chapel at the college was great, as a team from Word of Life (near Schroon Lake in NY, I think) came and did an all music worship. Tiling has not progressed much there, but will be turned up as they just received a donation to cover all four bathrooms. I'm not sure how serious they were in telling me that I would be getting a key in order to work at off times, but I'll pitch in as much as I can. Went to the grocery store and after cooking dinner (including breaking in a new bread machine), I headed to Masters for:

- 200 Swim/200 Kick/200 Pull/200 IM Drill

- 4 x 75 on 1:20 Pull (EZ-Build-FAST) - I did 100's

- 2 x (3 x 150 on 2:45) - I did 200's
(1st = build, 2nd = Fast, 3rd = kick. I did half Bk, half Fr)

- 4 x 25 Kick on :45 (did uw SDK)
- 4 x 25 Pull on :40 choice
- 4 x 25 Swim on :30 (did IMO)

- 200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/2900 yds/60 min)

Just me and GregJS there for the night. That workout puts my GTD back in the positive, although I'll fall behind Thursday. I believe that I can make my goal for the year in the positive

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Swim Workouts


  1. Celestial's Avatar
    You ought to do what I did one year - pick a Saturday and just swim for about 4 hours - I added 10 miles to my GTD and didn't have to worry about it for the rest of the year!!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Our pool only offers lap times for 1-1.5 hour blocks. I'm hoping to do the last two postals, so that should help. Next month the pool is open on Sunday again, also a bonus.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    just come out here when we do the 100 x 100m
    10,000m is over 6 miles!

    but that is one nice thing about my gym pool. the pool is just ok, but the hours are awesome! 5am Monday through 9pm Friday, and 5am-9pm on Sat-Sun.
  4. rxleakem's Avatar
    Bragging on the AZ pools! I'm still jelly.