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After a long rest

Week 56 - Thursday

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I woke feeling tired and very stiff in my legs(from Tuesday's weights workout). I usually find the second day is the worst day after weights and today that was the case. Todays workout was less aerobic and I actually enjoyed the 15x100 set.

Warm up
1000 swim with snorkel
10x50 on 40(get loosened up and ready to go)

Main set
5x100 on 1.20
4x100 on 1.15
3x100 on 1.10
2x100 on 1.05
1x100 on 1.00
100 easy
4x(200 pull on 2.15, 4x50 streamline kick with fins on 40)

Total 4700scy

I felt pretty crappy in the pool until about half way through the main set. I focused on lengthening my stroke and kicking which seemed to drag me out of my malaise. I just missed the last 100 going 1.01 on the last of the descending 100s. On the pull/kick set I looked like an idiot with my pull gear and fins on at the same time but it was the only way I could comfortably make the send offs. Swimming with fins, paddles and pull bouy was interesting! Overall I was pleased with how I did today based on how I felt. Back to the weights tonight and likely back to walking like a stick man tomorrow as the lactic acid sits in my legs overnight.

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