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Hottub workout, Oct. 25

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Hottub, 20 min

Swim @ OakMarr: 1550 of slow swimming, drills & shooters

Hottub, 20 min


Back at my old stomping grounds! I was so happy to see the hottub. Pittsburgh is sadly bereft of hottubs. At some point, Mr. Fort and I plan to put in an in ground hottub outside. I'm still sore from the deep tissue, especially my left hip. I think the soak helped a little and I plan a repeat tomorrow. A friend commented that I had lost weight. I stepped on the scale and, yes, I was 6-7+ lbs down. I suspect it's a combo of stress and absence from the gym/loss of muscle mass. I always bulk up when lifting and slim down when I'm not. I recall losing 15 lbs in a year in college when I stopped swimming and lifting.

Dinner with my BFF tonight!

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Updated October 25th, 2013 at 05:12 PM by The Fortress

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