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After a long rest

Week 57 - Friday

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Last night I skipped weights and went trick or treating with my 10 year old daughter. My son who is soon to be 13 dressed up and went over to a friends house to play video games(I dont quite understand the logic, but hey, he was was happy). I hung back while my daughter and three of her neighbourhood friends got inordinate amounts of candy. They started with little buckets but ended up with pillow cases filled with treats. My wife took over around 7.30 so that I could get to bed at my normal 8pm time(I am now going to bed earlier than both my kids).

I was really happy with my workout today. We still did some long yardage but we did a very nice set that combined speed and endurance, and I got faster as the set went along which was a great feeling.

Warm up
400 swim with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45

Main set
4x(2x100 on 2min AFAP, 200 kick on 3.20, 2x50 on 30, 100 easy on 1.40)

Warm down
3x500 swum (#1 with snorkel, #2 pull with paddles, #3 alternating back free by 50) with 30 seconds rest between 500's

Total 4600 scy

The first 2x100's felt pretty bad, but after that I felt better and better as the set went along. I went 57's on the first 2x100's, then went 56's on round 2, 55's on round 3, and 54,53 on the last set. The 50's I was holding 28's throughout. The 200's kick I worked hard and held 3mins. I last round if this set I was flying and one of the guys in the next land started a set when I had 50 to go and I chased him down which also felt great and was the reason for me going as quick as I did.

I get to sleep in tomorrow morning(after discussion with my coach who initally wanted me to show up at practice, but thought about it and said show up at noon for warm up for the meet. I swim the 50 free, 100 back, 200 free and 500 free tomorrow. I am hoping for a quick 200 and 500 but at the end of the day just getting A cuts to allow me to swim with the fast kids is the goal for each swim this weekend.

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  1. ndauksavage's Avatar
    Please post how you do in the meet today!