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11|02|13 fit test and SCM

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by , November 2nd, 2013 at 02:41 PM (791 Views)
Had my annual fit test for weekend warrior stuff this am, the test is as such:

Waist measurment (max points 34"): 30"
1 min pushups (max points 44): did 47 in 40 seconds
1 min situps (max points 50): did 52 in 50 seconds
1.5 mile run (max points 9:58): I don't think so - an easy 12:22

This has been my slowest run in years, but it was enough to score a 94.7 overall which means I don't have to test again for 12 months (instead of 6 months).

I only did what I needed (plus a couple extra) for the strength portion, those are easy to max out. For the run, I could have easily ran a minute or so faster, but to get max points would require a run in under 10 minutes which I'm certain I cannot do. That would require specific training and preparation, chiefly of a slow-moving distance kind, with a slow swimming side effect. Since the only run training I've been doing all year was occasional well-rested 50 and 100m sprints (except for a 30 min POW run last month), I asked myself why risk potential injury running as fast as I can for 1.5 mi just to score a 98 when I can have an enjoyable run and make 95 points? I hate running anyway.

Had 60 minutes to spare managing a trip to the SCM pool:

15 x 50 on 2:00 fr-fr-dr/br order
  • fast breakout/4 strokes for the fr's.

5 x 50 DFS fr on normal breathing
  • fast breakout/4 strokes from both the dive and turn, remaining swim filler was easy


Finishing up the kitchen project, still need to do trim and touch-ups, replace electrical outlets/switches, then find and hang blinds. With this and all of the stuff I've been doing lately I've gotten out of focus with my swimming, but I think I still have some speed to spare (if I can keep my arm from falling off lol). Wow two meets coming up SCM and SCY, I need to get my stuff in order!

Ailments report: left shoulder loose, popping, a little warm, but it's pulling through. Hopefully it will slowly tighten up with theraputic TLC

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