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swimsuit addict

Beach day

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This morning I coached the early TNYA workout, then headed out to the beach with Hannah. We took turns swimming from Grimaldo’s chair. I went to the aquarium and back, and enjoyed a good shiver on the beach after. The water was crisp and had some movement to it—not quite “sporty,” but at least a little jaunty. The sun was in and out, and with air temps in the 50s the beach was fairly empty. It felt like such a privilege to have the whole beautiful place to ourselves—or at least to share it with a few territorial seagulls, one of which kept trying to grab the edge of my beach blanket in its beak. Afterwards we went by the spa just a block from the beach that offers good $35 hour-long massages, then picked up a knish for the subway ride home. I treasure these fall beach days.

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  1. pool tourist's Avatar
    Me too! And I'm glad to be able to revisit them in the blogosphere.
  2. ekw's Avatar
    $35 massage? Knish? Subway? I miss city life!
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ekw
    $35 massage? Knish? Subway? I miss city life!
    Yes, that's Brighton Beach at its best! And I think it was pool tourist who turned me on to both the knish stand and the massage place. I now carry a little phonetic pronunciation guide with me in my beach bag, so that I can say "potato," "cabbage," and "thank you" in Russian.