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After a long rest

Week 58 - Wednesday

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I woke feeling better than yesterday but still some discomfort in my lower right side. I once again decided to swim. Today's main set was really tough. I am heading for my scan any minute.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45
10x100 with snorkel on 1.15
10x50 drill focusing on hand entry on 50

Main set
5x(3x100 on 1.10, 200 IM on 2.30)

Warm down
4x50 easy on 50

Total 5000scy

I held 1.03s on the 100s in the main set. The straight into an IM was a killer and the IM was in essence touch and go swims. So over the course of the main set I had no more than 7 seconds between swims.

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