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Short and sprinty

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Today I went to the Y midday for a long stretching session and a solo swim. Hereís how the latter went:

900 scy warmup (200fr, 300 st/fr by 25, 200 kick, 200 IM d/s by 25)

3x thru
4 x 25 FR @ :25, 1-3 desc. to sprint, 4 easy
3 x 50 FR @ 50, desc to sprint [fastest improved each round: 34, 33, 32]
3 x 50 K @ 1:00, desc to sprint [fastest was 46 (FL kick on back)]
50 easy

100 warmdown

The sprinting felt good, although I had to remind myself not to get pokey on the turnover during the last half, both kicking and swimming. I havenít done much all-out swimming since IGLA. Looking forward to improving the times as I work on this part of my swimming more.

Iíve been enjoying the earlier sunrise since the time changed, but hadnít been able to adjust my sleeping to the new hours. I can tell myself that Iím an early riser when I wake up at 4:30, and I generally enjoy having a bonus half-hour or so of quiet time to plan my day and prioritize desk stuff before heading off to swim. But 3:30am ówell, thereís no way to spin that as anything but insomnia. Finally this morning I slept until 5, so maybe my bodyís gotten the memo about that whole falling back thing!

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