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Chilly beach day

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The beach was really lovely today. The weather is definitely turning colder, and with air temps in the 40s and an overcast sky the CIBBOWS crowd was thin. The water was flat and very clear and pretty, but chilly—it seems to have dropped a bit this week. I swam west (heading into the wind and current) first, going as far as the WonderWheel before deciding it might be smart to head back. When I reached my starting place I wasn’t quite ready to get out, though, so I swam on to the big jetty, then about half-way to the next. I had been thinking of going to the white building that usually marks the eastern endpoint of our loop, but I decided that I was getting chilled enough and ready to head in, so I did. It ended up being a truncated-at-both-ends loop, a little over 2 miles. It felt wonderfully calming and peaceful out there. I especially enjoyed watching a large three-tiered tugboat and barge combo go by, and was lulled by the dim sun glancing off the water when it peeked out from time to time.

I dressed and warmed up quickly on the beach, with Hsi-Ling leading me in some kung-fu exercises that seemed to get warm blood flowing throughout my limbs quicker than jogging around. I can’t wait to get back out there—there’s just something about swimming in chilly water that is amazing and addictive. Hurray for November beach days!

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