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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 11/09/13: morning

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Went for the two mile jog on Wednesday after work, still 55 degrees at 9pm! No class on Thursday due to prof being out of town. Picked up Friday, and bagged swimming before work since I've been feeling a bit run down as of late and took the extra sleep.

This morning I got up earlier than I would have liked to in order to help out the local DR (Disaster Relief) group remove a tree that fell down across a guys driveway. He lives alone and the group has been looking for practice with chainsaws, so they volunteered. I stayed for about ninety minutes and helped moved brush and stack wood. I've never ran a chainsaw and value my extremities, so I left that work to capable folks. Now, a new hat to add to my list:

Went right to masters for a workout with a main set adapted from Betsy's 1 hour swims :

300 choice
2 x (2x50 kick, 2x50 pull, 2x25 b/c on :15sr)

400 (2 x 200) as 50 pull/50 swim. (2x250)
400 (4 x 100). descend 1-> 4 (4x200)
400 (8 x 50). Choice. Pairs: Ez, fast
400 swim, with 25 fast kick/100 (did 500)
4 x 25 AFAP on :45 (IMO)

200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/3300 yds/65 min)

We took more rest between efforts and 400s than usual, so it felt good. After the swim I took the kids to Glens Falls to watch a rodeo, and we just finished the first Pink Panther movie (to work on our flawless American accents)

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