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After a long rest

Week 59 - Monday

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So the transition from mostly aerobic swimming to more and more anaerobic swimming started last week and today we did a lot more anaerobic than I have been used to doing and suspect that the quality sets will increase gradually over the next two weeks. I have booked the week after Thanksgiving off work to do a real concerted training camp week before my taper kicks in. This morning I woke feeling good again and felt great throughout todays workout, despite feeling pretty tired at the end of practice.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45

Main sets
8x200 pull with paddles descend 1-4,5-8 on 2.15
200 easy
As many 50s on 40 holding 200 pace(26)
100 easy
As many 50s on 40 holding 500 pace(28)
100 easy
As many 50s on 40 holding 100 pace(29.5)
100 easy
8x100 kick with fins on 1.30

Warm down
200 easy

Total 5100scy

I felt great on the first main set and knew I was going to have a great practice today when I started out on a 2.03 on the first pull 200 going quite easy. I descended nicely on both rounds and my times were, 2.03, 2.01,1.59,1.57,2.03,2.00,1.57,1.54. Needless to say I was flying on the second round and despite the relatively short send off time my endurance was really good and I swam long and on top of the water. The next set was completely different to what I have done previously and it felt really good to finally be focusing on high tempo pace work. The 50's at 200 pace I made 3 on 26 and just missed #4. The 50s at 500 pace I made 6 and again just missed #7. On the 50's at 1000 pace I got into a nice rythmn and my coach said he wanted at least 10, and I ended up doing 14 before missing the pace. The kick was swum as a recovery. I was really excited about the 200's today and I was able to hold a consistent pace on all the 50's.

I am buzzing at the moment and feel great in the pool. I hope I can hold up over the next month and stay healthy. If I can stay healthy I think I am going to have a great taper which will help with my confidence for next year ahead of World's.

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