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Wed., Nov. 13

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by , November 13th, 2013 at 09:00 PM (464 Views)
Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

Warm up/Transition

600 various
5 x 50 scull drill
4 x 25 no breath free @:35
50 EZ
4 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :40
100 EZ
4 x 30 burst SDK + cruise back from the blocks
50 EZ
4 x 25 burst right side SDK from a push + cruise
100 EZ

Main Sets:

1 x 25 AFAP fly from the blocks (11)
75 EZ
2 x 25 AFAP fly w/fins @ :40 (10s)
100 EZ
1 x 50 fly/back @ 100 pace
100 EZ

1 x 25 AFAP back from the blocks (13)
75 EZ
3 x 25 AFAP back w/fins @ :45 (11s)
125 EZ
1 x 75 fly/back/breast @ 100 pace
175 EZ

1 x 25 AFAP breast from the blocks (14 high-15)
75 EZ
4 x 25 AFAP breast w/fins & paddles @ :50 (12 highs)
150 EZ
1 x 100 AFAP IM w/fins, 4 x 25 @ :30 (45)
200 EZ

1 x 25 AFAP free from the blocks (11)
75 EZ
3 x 25 AFAP free w/fins & paddles (10s) @ 1:00
-- I had intended to do more, but I was done
175 EZ

Total: 3375


I liked this workout. With the bursts, it was almost 725 yards of race pace work. I gave my team a highly modified version of the main sets (no real sprinters on my team). I also discovered a TT backstroker on my team. I knew she was good, but she threw down a 31 in an AFAP 50 back starting from the gutter. She hadn't even thought to check the event rankings! I am hoping I can cajole her and some others on the team to go to Colonies Zones in early April. I suspect that will be my SCY taper meet because I'm not jazzed about Santa Clara (for obvious reasons!). But I need another meet besides that to get some more times.

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  1. chowmi's Avatar
    HI FORT!!!! Looks like a fun workout!!! The Colonies Zone meet was one of my absolute favorite zones meets of all time. I would like to make that a travel trip in the years to come. I'm not going to Santa Clara either. I don't like swimming outside, and as I age I get more ornery about where I will go. Our South Central Zone meet will be in the Woodlands in late March. You can pencil that one in your spreadsheet! You'd fly into Houston. There are reasonable priced hotels, and the pool is a good one with plenty of warm up space, like the entire other side of the 50 pool. They don't use both courses. Parking - ample and awesome.