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One Stroke at a Time

November Classic Meet Wrap-up

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by , November 14th, 2013 at 08:33 PM (1203 Views)
November 10
Woodlands Masters Swim Team November Classic
I warmed up about 1200 then swam 5 times (with warm downs after each swim)

400 IM
2013 5:56.79
2012 5:43.61
2011 5:49.37

Splits 2013
39.64 44.37 45.31 45.27
49.83 49.75 41.88 40.74

50 breast
2013 42.16
2012 swam 100 fly instead
2011 40.28

200 breast
2013 3:09.36
2012 3:05.85
2011 3:08.22

Splits 2013
44.13 47.40 48.76 49.07

50 breast on 200-239 Mixed 200 Medley Relay
2013 41.50
2012- No relays
2011 40.26

800 free
2013 11:07.95
2012 10:37.19
2011 10:48.51

Splits 2013
38.82 41.85 42.71 42.60
42.07 41.76 42.60 42.46
42.00 42.67 42.29 42.26
42.07 41.51 40.76 39.52

I swam just on Sunday. On Saturday, I went to a chess tournament then to a soccer game and then back to the chess tournament (all for the 5th grader). This was a lot of driving so I was pretty tired by the end of the day. I took a bath in the evening, put my sons to bed and then went to bed myself at 8:30 (I had been pretty much dozing since 7:30 but rallied to get them to bed).

I have swum at this meet the last three years (and pretty much the same events each year). The meet was really fun. I got to see some people that I hadn't seen for a while, including a former teammate who was visiting from San Francisco and swam. I felt like an age grouper on the 400 IM because I had a whole cheering section at the end of my lane. This was great because I am still having difficulty swimming fly so I needed a boost. I wasn't sure about my seeds but ended up in the right heat for each event (except the 400 IM where I was in lane 4 and was about 20 seconds faster than my seed). Honestly though, who doesn't like to swim the 400 IM way off the front. I thought that I split my races well. My legs were shot by the end of the 200 breast stroke (I did 400 total breast stroke for the day) and I knew this would happen because I did a pretty hard kick set on Friday with 100s on 1:30 at the end of it (and even when I was doing it I thought I should stop). I am not sure when I swim in another meet. I heard that the Woodlands is hosting our short course zones so maybe then (but only if I can drum up some business for relays from my team).

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