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DAMM SCM Meet report!

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by , November 16th, 2013 at 01:27 PM (958 Views)
Here's how I did! These should all make top ten!

50 fly 31.00
50 free #1: 28.67
50 free #2: 28.39
50 back: 33.2
100 IM: 1:12.4

I swam next to Stewart Carroll in the 50 back and 100 IM! I swam between him and another really fast guy in the 100IM. I think they went 1:02, 1:04, so I thought I was sucking big time. But lo, I turned around and saw the 1:12, which was super strong and better than I was expecting for my 5th event!

I'm a bit bummed about the 50 frees, as I thought I could go faster. It is so hard getting up in the pool where I practice. Motivation is a bit tough!

I am hoping to go 24.99 or better at the local A meet in 3 weeks. I'm going to swim a "full" line up - 100 back/50 free; 100 fly/100 free. That is tough for me as I don't swim 100's but all I need are solid A times, so the times should be very do-able.

Wish me luck on 24.99!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ndauksavage's Avatar
    Good luck on the 24.99! Good meet overall. That was a good meet!
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Congratulations on those swims!

    Good luck for approaching SCY blast.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    I definitely think the 100 IM was your best swim, especially given that it was your FIFTH event! Good job grabbing all those TTs.
  4. chowmi's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I'm pleased that I have the sprint-endurance to swim 5 events so close together. But it just reaffirms my preference that i'd rather swim 1 really, really fast swim instead of 5 solid ones. I'm going to try to rest better in the next 3 weeks for the next meet!
  5. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job!

    ...and any race you're in with Stewart where you can still follow his bubble trail is a good one!
  6. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    You did great, especially that second 50 free. It was great meeting in person. See you in a few weeks at the COR classic.
  7. chowmi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    You did great, especially that second 50 free. It was great meeting in person. See you in a few weeks at the COR classic.
    Great to meet you too Stewart! It was so much fun to swim the meet and see friends! The meet was actually LARGER than it has been in the past - a few years it was so few they had to work 3 breaks in! I was completely done by 10:30 and I felt ready to swim around 11, hahaha!!!!