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Workout 11/23/13: morning

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Joined the supper last night at youth group after helping my wife do some painting (of walls) for a friend in Hoosick Falls. The meal was delayed a little as some of the food needed to be warmed, but then the 30 kids and 15 adults chowed down. I helped to serve, then enjoyed some myself - lot of leftovers for the kids to bring home and share with their family.

Slept in today and joined the folks at Masters:
200 Fr/200 Bk/200 Kick/200 Pull/4x50 Quarter's Strong on 1:00/100 IM/100 shark swim

Main set (inspired by Fort's HIT thread this week):
2 x
- 4 x 25 on :40 (o= build Fr, e = ez)
- 4 x 25 on :60 Drag Race
- 1 x 50 ez
~ Masters Minute
1 x 50 on :60 @85%
1 x 100 EZ
1 x 50 on :60 @90%
1 x 100 EZ (did 150)
1 x 50 on :60 AFAP
1 x 200 EZ (did 250)

4 x 75 on 1:15 (snorkel: kick/swim/pull)
200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/3500 yds/85 min)

Haven't done a lot of high intensity stuff in a while, and I'm looking to transition the workouts in this direction for the rest of the year. Leslie always has neat ideas that can be adapted to what our team can do. Just Kevin did the workout with me, as Meg and Tom did their own thing.

Off to see what other adventures await for the weekend. We are going to the craft fair at my son's school in a bit, then we'll see what else. I might try to swim again this evening, but then again I might not.

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