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5-8-09 Aerobic Fr/Br

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So, apparently, I misread the email with this weeks workouts so I repeated the workout I did on Tuesday night. That workout was written for the Animals (the fast lane), but it was also written for SCM. I added about 30 seconds for the 200s, but did their workout in the SCY pool on Tuesday. Without further adieu, here is the same workout, only written for my lane.

11:00 AM to Noon at the Downtown YMCA (SCM) coached by Jann.

400 free - every 4th length br pull with a dolphin kick (work the up kick and getting my hips up)

Main Set:
6x125 free on 2:25 - descend 1-3 and 4-6 - I went 2:10, 2:05, 2:00 and 2:08, 2:02, 1:57
6x50 breast on 1:30 - descend 1-3 and 4-6 - I went 1:08, 1:05, 1:02 and 1:05, 1:00, :56
8x37.5 kick on 1:10 - I did mostly br kick with some flutter kick thrown in
2x150 fast on 3:05 - I went about 2:30 for both
2x75 moderate on 1:40 - my stroke fell apart on these, but I went about 1:15

50 free easy - I did backstroke and got under 20 strokes on the way back!!!

2250 meters

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