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I swim, therefore I am

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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by , November 26th, 2013 at 08:13 PM (644 Views)
SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 67, pool at 80
Cloudy skies with humidity at 76%

Warm up
4x250 1x FR-BR-BK-Fly
/250 as 50K/50DR/100DPS/50S w/snorkel (-BK)
8x25 SDK frontside UW on 1:00 *:15s-:14s

*Set 1*
1x400 IM Kick on HR as 50 Steady/50 Strong (HR=11/:6)
2x200 IM Kick on HR as 25 Steady/25 Fast
2x100 IM Kick on HR Fast
---EZ 50
8x25 on :40 2x IMO *Fly/13s, BK/15s, BR/18s, FR/12s

*Set 2*
1x400 IM on HR as 25 Steady/25 Fast
2x200 IM on HR as 25 Build/25 Fast
2x100 IM on HR as 25 build to Fast
---EZ 50
4x50 IMO on 1:00 *Fly/31, BK/32, BR/39, FR/29

*Set 3*
4x300 FR on HR w/snorkel-tube-buoy-agility paddles
/300 as 50 Steady/50 Fast, desc fast 50s 1-3
---EZ 50 BK
4x300 FR on HR, 300 as 50 EZ-CU/50 AFAP

Warm down
1x200 FR SPL-10
2x100 IM
100 FR EZ

These workout results appear to indicate that I am hanging in there, holding on to some swimming fitness.

As of today, all the FGCU Aquatic Center pools are now closed due to a potential leak in one of the return lines underneath the LCM pool. In the meantime they are going to proceed with draining and repairing the 25 yard pool liner with the estimate re-opening on Monday, December 16. The LCM pool repair timeline is pending a full leak detection study this Friday, Nov 11.

So I will be swimming at the FMAC most the time, where on the plus side I can easily see the digital scoreboard clock on each side of the 25 yard width, but on the negative side the water is generally too warm, and I must use my goggles always as the water chemistry is not optimized as well as at FGCU. I like to do some kicking/swimming without goggles, the one time I did that at FMAC, I was nearly blind the remainder of the day.

We are staying home this Thanksgiving having allocated our family travel budget for other events later this year and upcoming 2014. With all the local public pools closed Nov 27-28, I will most likely do my turkey swims at the little HOA pool in our neighborhood.

Wish everyone a safe and memorable Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving, Frank!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I would say your endurance is phenominal. That's a great workout with some serious yardage. Really nice job Frank. You would imagine that all heavily used pools would have the chemistry down but alas that's not the case(obviously).