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After a long rest

Week 61 - Saturday

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I woke feeling pretty good this morning. The only apparent after affect from yesterday was a stiff neck, which I hoped would loosen after I swam. When I got in the pool I felt VERY tired from the warm up on despite not feeling bad before hand. I pushed as much as I could today but it was not a very good pool day. I lifted after practice and it was a weary session also. I spoke with my coach after practice and worked out the schedule for the week. We are going to do something different from my previous training camp week and we will do the normal 70-75 minute masters swim early in the morning and then comeback at lunch for a weights/dry land workout followed by a meet warmup and a 600-1000 quality based set, and then I will do a long swim with the senior racer group later in the day. It's going to be a lot of swimming and the meet next weekend will be very interesting.

Today's swim

Warm up
6x200 on 2.50 alternating free with snorkel, and IM

Main set
3x(200 on 2.30 with snorkel, 6x25 on 25 with turn, holding 12s)
200 easy
10x100 swim with fins on 1min
200 easy
6x50 free on 32(we were told to swim until we failed

Warm down
600 easy

Total 4550scy

I held 13s to my feet on all the fast 25s, and just did not have enough juice to get to 12s. The 10x100s was rough and I am disappointed with myself that at 6 I just stopped even though I was under the send off. It was not intentional I just stopped and then I realized what I had done and felt awful. I took 30 seconds rest and finished out the set by which time I could hardly move my arms, they felt like lead. The 50s at the end would normally be a challenge but I just had no juice and struggled from #1 on. The 50s I made were touch and turn.

Today's weights was my normal 3 rounds doing 10,8,6 reps at 80%, max, fail

3x(bench, inclined bench, military press, seated row hands inside, seated row hands outside, lower back extensions, lat pull down hands inside, lat pull down hands outside).

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