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I swim, therefore I am


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by , December 6th, 2013 at 06:33 PM (794 Views)
SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 72, pool at 80
Partly sunny skies with humidity at 62%

Warm up
400 IM kick
400 IM as 25DR/25S w/snorkel
8x25 SDK frontside UW on 1:00 *16s-14s

*Set 1*
4(10x50s on 1:10, 1:00 rest)

  • 1) 25 Fly Fast - timed, open turn into 25 BK Steady, *14s-13s
  • 2) 25 BK Fast - timed, open turn into 25 BR Steady, *15s-14s
  • 3) 25 BR Fast - timed, open turn into 25 FR Steady, *18s-17s
  • 4) 25 FR Fast - timed, open turn into 25 FR Strong, *13s-12s, 50s *31-27

Warm down
500 FR Pull w/agility paddles-tube-buoy-snorkel

The last three days of this week I am feeling much better than the previous four weeks. There is much less aching, better sleeping, and my stomach nausea is gone. I water fasted 12 hours last Friday, and 8 hours again this Tuesday, which seemed to help. Also I believe the MSM supplement Fort recommended is a positive contribution.

In addition, the last four days I was feeling good enough to do 10-20 minutes of light weights, core exercises, and some assisted pull ups/bar dips. I have re-discovered that before workouts and later on at home that massaging a little muscle cream (10% menthol, 15% methyl salicylate) in specific achy places tends help reduce the amount of it.

My time at work and sometimes at home these last three months has been dominated by a usability project I am doing for UCF (University of Central Florida), but it will be completed in another week. While I have not been able to get to any SCM meets as hoped for, I am registered for the USMS sanctioned Florida Senior Games State Championships being held here in Fort Myers in one of the two pools that I have a membership, the FMAC (8 lane 25yd facility 4-6 feet deep).

I will swim the 100 BK, 50 Fly, 50 FR, and 200 IM events on Sunday, 12/15, in that order. They all follow one another, so my only rest will be the women's heats, and the early men's heats, depending on how many swimmers are entered those events. I can only swim Sunday, as I am committed elsewhere on Saturday.

After this swim meet, I will attempt to rebuild my aerobic freestyle base for OW, but still with a focus on IM training and speed in each stroke. The dryland activities will be light and then building gradually after the meet, but only up to moderate levels.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I am glad you are feeling better. Did you ever go to the doctor to determine what is going on? Feeling crumby for an extended period of time sucks! I hope you continue to feel better.