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Thursday, Nov. 6

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by , November 6th, 2008 at 03:12 PM (1095 Views)
AM -- 5 mile run. Had the plods the first couple miles. Still tired from my triple of the other day.

PM -- Swim/solo/SCY:

400 swim
200 kick
4 x 50 fly drills

3 x (8 x 25) 4 point shooters with MF on :30, extra 30 seconds rest between each set of 8

100 EZ

5 x 150 backstroke on 3:00
(Was having trouble staying under much. Maybe the lungs were tired from previous set or maybe my SDKs are just in the tank permanently. Cramped up some on these, but swam through the cramps.)

50 EZ

Started to do a set of 10 x 50 fast kick, but was getting painful calf cramps so stopped after a couple and sat in the hot tub. Legs are/were probably too overloaded. Going to take tomorrow morning off so I can get in a good afternoon swim.

100 EZ

Total: 2500

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  1. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Hi Fort, what are "4 point shooters?"

    (I wish we had a hot tub...!)
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    4 point shooters = 1 UW shooter on each side (belly, right side, left side, back). It's a variation of the fly spin drill, only you do the whole 25 on one side.

    Hot tubs good! GMU has one too, as you know.