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After a long rest

WeeK 64 - Monday

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I woke up feeling a little congested this morning and this feeling continued until after the warmup today. In fact during the first 400 I was even short of breath, however this feeling passed.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
8x50 catchup on 45

Main set
10x400 pull with paddles on 4.40
10x50 drill swim by 25 on 50
4x50 on 1min swum 1 breath down and 2 breaths back

Total 5500scy

I had to work the first couple of 400s in order to get into a rhythm but on number 3 I started to feel pretty good. I went 4.10,4.09,4.07,4.07,4.07,4.07,4.07,4.07,4.09,4.04. On number 9 I started to tighten up but on the last one i worked the first 200 and then concentrated on DPS and hitting my turns which I notice when I tighten up I tend to take an extra half stroke into the wall which screws me up. I think I do this to catch an extra breath before the wall, but the net affect is I hit the turn wrong and loose time. Despite today being shorter than last week I was more tired.

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