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Sunrise LCM workout

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A 6 am flight Tuesday morning got me out of NYC before the latest snow started there, and after a night in Alabama I arrived yesterday afternoon in Northwest Florida to bask in some warmer weather. This morning I got to swim at the wonderful Panama City Beach Aquatic Center, which was set up long course. Masters workout was from 6-7, then I stayed a little longer to enjoy the sunny morning. Air temps were in the high 30s when I got in but had risen to around 50 by the time I got outódefinitely an incentive to do more laps! I enjoyed watching the sunrise and the setting moon while I did the following:

600 lcm warmup (200fr, 100bk, 200 fr, 100 bk)

4 x 100 with traveling 25 FL @ 1:45
4 x 100 BK fast @ 2:05 [held 1:40s]
4 x 100 BR drill/swim
6 x 50 pull, odds FR, evens BK
6 x 50 kick, odds BK, evens BR

3 x 100 FR/BK desc. @ 1:50
1 x 100 FR/BK easy

3 x 100 FL/BK desc @ 2:00 [I ended up doing 200 re-warmup in the middle of these after an extended chat break.],
3 x 100 BK/BR desc. @ 2:00
3 x 100 BR/FR desc. @ 2:00
3 x 100 IM desc. @ 2:00

200 FR pull
200 IM kick
200 FR pull
200 warmdown + play

Itís really good to be back here. I enjoyed catching up with swimmers I last saw in February, and the pool itself feels like an old friendóI know exactly where in each length to expect lifeguard chairs and other features, where the small crack in the black line that marks 25m is, etc., and all those little familiarities are comforting. And getting to swim outdoors again is just bliss!

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  1. pool tourist's Avatar
    So glad you are enjoying yourself down there. Does the pool still have HANNAH markings on the bottom?
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pool tourist
    So glad you are enjoying yourself down there. Does the pool still have HANNAH markings on the bottom?
    It does! I looked today and found it, although it's not as noticeable now among all the other names etched down there--at first I mistook a Savannah for HANNAH.
  3. pool tourist's Avatar
    Hard hearted Hannah, the vamp of Savannah strikes again.