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Calvin S

Friday 12/20/13

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by , December 20th, 2013 at 10:23 PM (496 Views)
Friday 12/20

"Chesapeake Elite Meet Day 2"

Today was definitely the toughest day of the meet for me. I swam the 100 BR and 100 FL, and due to my high seed in the breaststroke and low seed in the butterfly, I had ~ 20 minutes between events. As such, I never really warmed up for the 100 FL, so much as finished my warm down from the 100 BR and then got up to swim.

100 BR - 1:00.46 (28.43/32.03)

I have been trying to break the 1:00 barrier for 10 years now. It is beginning to seem like the speed of light: I can get close to it but never quite reach/surpass it! All three turns were poorly executed (you ever been to a pool where there isn't a "T" at the end of the pool so much as a break in the solid line and then a small dash? Always throws my stroke count/turn timing off!), which I think affected me not breaking my barrier. However, my coach pointed out I shortened up really bad in the last 12 yards.
Enough with the negatives though, I should have opened with "lifetime best". Last time I dropped time in this event was at this same meet back in '09. I was happy to still be going best times in my best events! I was a little bummed I didn't get a second swim with that time. 4 years ago, my 1:00.58 placed me 17th in prelims. Last year, that 1:00.46 would have gotten me into the B final at 16th. This year, it was only good enough for 27th. This meet got so much faster!

100 FL - 54.89 (25.58/29.31)

I was out pretty smooth, but the last 30 yards were a struggle and I felt the effects of the short turnaround. My best is from this same meet in 2009, with a 54.19.

Total: 5650 (give or take)

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Great 100 breast. Sounds like an awesome meet.
  2. knelson's Avatar
    So close! You'll do it.