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Calvin S

Sunday 12/22/13

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by , December 23rd, 2013 at 09:11 PM (434 Views)
Sunday 12/22

"Chesapeake Elite Meet Day 4"

Came into this morning with a wicked cough/runny nose and itchy eyes due to the air quality deteriorating at the pool. I am glad I decided not to scratch the 50 FL and deck enter the 200 FL (although I REALLY wanted to swim a good 200) because I was just too run down at this point.

50 FL - 25.22

Not a good race. Almost the same time I took my 100 FL out in yesterday. Too much breathing (every time my face was in the water I was coughing so holding my breath was a little tough at this point).

50 FR - 22.64

I was in the "three hole" on the relay. Had an OK relay start, despite a bad finish AGAIN by the person swimming in! I tried to "man up" and hold my breath despite the coughing, but my efforts fell short. I only breathed once, and BAM, it was first thing off the turn!

Total: 3000 (ish)

So I come away from this meet with 1 lifetime best out of 5 swims. Some takeaways from the meet:
1) My speed work is starting to have an effect on my racing, which is good.
2) I need to do a better job of being mentally focused when outside my comfort zone. My 200 BR was just a total lapse in concentration on all fronts, and I think letting myself check out when tired contributed to this.
3) I need to get my knee healthy again. It has really been bothering me the past two weeks, and I think I rushed too much breaststroke kick back into my training sessions too fast.

After taking a lot of time off in March, April, and May, I only had one meet this summer which showed I was WAY out of shape still! Now after 7 months of consistent training, I think I am finally back into the swing of things. I'm getting there, but I am not quite there yet! I will have high hopes for my "BIG" taper meet in early March. 11 weeks until Sectionals, which leaves 9 more weeks of hard work...time to buckle down!

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    Very impressive slate of events over a long weekend. Glad to see that you identified some areas to work on. You'll be even faster in the spring.