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After a long rest

Week 65 - Tuesday

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Today I swam with the senior racer group and they did there 12 days of Christmas set, which took about 3hrs to complete. At the end we did a team slip and slide across the deck with mats laid out for the slide. It was great fun and a great end to a great workout.

600 free
6x50 build

The 12 day of christmas format was
1. 1min vertical kick with the coach telling us hand position and kick type
2. 50 back spin drill
3. 3mins of sit ups, coach supplied type and pain level by making us hold certain positions
4. 100 breast 3,2,1 second glide fast
5. 5 bottom of the pool ring bubbles
6. 150 fly with six kick break outs
7. 7 rounds of alternating pull ups and 7 pulse squats with medicine ball
8. 200 free, fast, smooth, fast, smooth
9. 9 pushups
10. 250 back, fast, smooth, fast, smooth, fast
11. 11 rounds of 3 person relays out to 12.5 and back
12. 300 IM fast

I suspect these are always swum the same way but regardless the format was:

Total swimming yardage 6000scy plus at least another hour of dry lands built in.

Despite there being a lot of fast swimming for me by a long way the dry land portion was tough especially the sit ups and pull ups. Within the round it was just get it done but at the end of each round coach Walker waited for every lane to finish before allowing anyone to start again, so there was an incentive to finish pretty quickly and get some rest between sets. I dread to think how many calories I burned during this set but it was great fun.

I am training with the junior racers on Thursday as I officially start my taper.

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