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Christmas Eve OW mile

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I enjoyed a really lovely swim in the gulf today. Yesterday’s cold front chased away the heavy southern winds that had stirred up waves too big for ocean swimming over the last week (at least too big for someone who doesn’t enjoy getting tumbled by the surf). But last week’s relatively warm water was still out there for me to enjoy—even though the air was in the 40s at mid-morning, water temps were in the mid-60s. Getting in and out was nippy, especially since I had to wade out to waist deep water, then walk over a shallow sandbar before reaching swimmable depths--but once in things couldn’t have been better. The water was extremely clear, with light ripples on the surface. I swam out a ways, then down the beach to the first beach flag and back, about a mile altogether.

On the way back I was startled by a fish swimming underneath me—I think it was what the shore fishermen call a whiting, which is what they’ve been catching (if anything) in the past few days. I squealed when I saw it, and it flinched at the sound and darted away. My goal for my next swim is not to frighten any fish I encounter!

Other than the fish I saw no other creatures in the gulf while I was swimming, just lots of shrimp tunnels on the sandy bottom. I did see a bald eagle soaring overhead as I was driving today, which was pretty cool. And there were pelicans and herons that flew by us at sunset. It was such a treat to spend most of this beautiful sunny Christmas Eve outdoors enjoying the glorious day.

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