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Monday, 12/23/13

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by , December 24th, 2013 at 10:41 PM (457 Views)
Lots of body aches today, especially from the waist down, for some reason
first day back at LCM, and I suspect I will pay for this tomorrow - and every day for the next 2 weeks while I get used to it again!

800 back/free
700 Pull, speed play by 100s, breathing every 3 or 5
600 reverse IM, drill/swim/drill
500 Pull, speed play by 50s

400 reverse IM
300 pull, speed play by 50s
200 reverse IM
100 choice

100 EZ
8 x 200 @ 3:00 & 3:10 for last 4
10 x 100 @ 1:40 & then a warm down
My arm is still sore from painting the porch on Saturday & I have to put the final coat of paint on today before the cold front comes in.... Joy.

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