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12|26|13 Weights and a Swim

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by , December 26th, 2013 at 03:21 PM (369 Views)
Weights -

Not too intense, just 4 sets of 5 (or more) reps: Behind grip dead lift, Underhand bench press, BW Pullups

Pool -

24 x 25 on 0:30 free WF (short fins)

  • 16 increased to 15's (didn't officially reach failure, but I was the only person around and kept it safe)

12 x 25 on 1:00 free WF (short)

  • 14 increased to 13's
  • breathed 4X each initially, and 2x each as I recovered (from prior set) near the last ones

A dozen or so brief drills

USTDS (ultra-short turn drill set) 10 (not quite to failure) x 15.5 TD on 0:25
  • holding 9's

Left knee recently a little tender, my right is usually the temperamental one but I think it could be from a recent strength gain imbalance between the quad and hamstring. Need to work on the leg biceps more.

The 24 x 25 and USTDS was just a trial for this type of training, though I've done stuff similar to this before.

The turn drill set demanded consistent concentration to my watch to make 9 sec efforts every 25. Send-offs ended in a 0 or 5 with respective goals ending in 9 or 4. Just did 10 of them to get a feel where I am at with these. Was nothing compared to the 24 x 25 free WF.

Regarding this first set, though I was warmed up from the weights, I found myself wheezing out of control on the last few. Not sure if it was related to lack of system warm-up or the intensity of the set. Nevertheless, the effort was there and the lactate was absent, as well as with emphasis on speed and mechanics.

Tomorrow could be a good drill/recovery day, and maybe some hard AFAP kicking on Saturday, but don't know if it will be with long rested or experimental US stuff (or anything else for that matter).

My Progress for Go The Distance 2013
Month Total Distance
Jan 24.66 miles (=43,399 yards, =39,684 meters)
Feb 25.56 miles (=44,987 yards, =41,136 meters)
Mar 23.95 miles (=42,159 yards, =38,550 meters)
Apr 28.69 miles (=50,498 yards, =46,175 meters)
May 29.70 miles (=52,275 yards, =47,800 meters)
Jun 25.44 miles (=44,778 yards, =40,945 meters)
Jul 22.26 miles (=39,169 yards, =35,816 meters)
Aug 20.36 miles (=35,829 yards, =32,762 meters)
Sep 19.62 miles (=34,523 yards, =31,567 meters)
Oct 16.88 miles (=29,700 yards, =27,158 meters)
Nov 12.75 miles (=22,441 yards, =20,520 meters)
Dec 14.17 miles (=24,943 yards, =22,808 meters)
Total 264.03 miles (=464,701 yards, =424,922 meters)

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