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Strokeful workout

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I swam a fun workout this morning with the PCST masters—Kelcie was on deck, and I had my own lane, with two fast young guys in the lanes on either side to share intervals with. Here’s what I did:

800 scy warmup (300s, 200k, 300p)

6 x 50 FR with bilateral breathing, smooth, @ :45
6 x 50 BK focusing on rotation and catch @ :50
6 x 50 BR with double pullouts @ :55
6 x 25 FL fast @ :30

50 easy

3 x 75 FR (kick, drill, swim) @ 1:30
200 IM @ 3:30
3 x 75 BR (kick, drill, swim) @ 1:30
200 IM @ 3:30
3 x 75 BK (kick, drill, swim) @ 1:30
200 IM @ 3:30
3 x 75 FL (kick, drill, swim) @ 1:30
200 IM @ 3:30
[We only got through 2 rounds before the hour-long masters workout ended, so I did the last two rounds by myself. I was wondering if the faster of my workout companions would lap me on the IMs, and he did indeed on the second one!]

4 x 100 FR, playing with turtle paddles
2 x 100 FR, focusing on technique
200 warmdown +play

I celebrated Christmas twice this past week—on Christmas Day with my aunt, mom, younger sister, and husband up in Alabama, and again on Friday with all of the above plus my older sister and her family. I miss the days when we could host everyone in our rented condo and have Christmas at the beach. This year, we ended up decorating a conference room at the nursing home where my aunt lives and brought in Christmas dinner there. It was very sweet being with all my family, and although we continued our family tradition of swapping stories rather than gifts, I somehow ended up with an gorgeous aquatic-themed quilt that my sister made for me.

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