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Workout 12/30/13: evening

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Been a while since I was in the pool, yet my GTD thicker has kept moving forward. Slowly. I've been even slower! I knew that I had opportunity for two swims (one tonight and one tomorrow at lunchtime) to knock out the 5017yds in order meet my goal for the year. 1hr 15min tonight, and I decided to go for it

4 x 1000 on 14:00
10 x 100 on 1:25
150 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/5150 yds/90 min)

My Go The Distance 2013 goal: 300.00 mi. Progress towards goal:
! Congratulations! You have achieved your goal for Go The Distance 2013
My goal pace: 299.18 miles required as of today to reach my goal by the end of the event.
My actual current pace: 300.08 miles as of today
I figured that since I was able to do the 6k in ~1:20, and the One Hour in January netted around 4500, I had a shot. With a nearly empty pool and a full water bottle, off I went. I mixed up the thousands to help keep the math correct, then settled into some 100's when I had the time left at the end of all that distance (held 1:15 on them).

Now I can take tomorrow off!

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    Yeay! Congrats - you made it!

    I think you should kick back now and take the rest of the year off. You've earned it! (Yes, that's one whole day off.)

    Happy New Year!