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After a long rest

Week 66 - Thursday

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I had another restless night of sleep last night. I dont know if it was the thought of work or sinus congestion but I kept waking up. The only good part about it was I was wide awake and ready to go to the pool. Todays workout was our 5,4,3,2,1 test set of descending 100's with some other quick 50s and 25 thrown in for good measure. Again I did not feel any easy speed, but overall I felt quite strong.

Warm up
10x100 on 1.20(should have been 1000 with snorkel, but my snorkel strap broke so I reverted to 10x100's instead)

Main set
12x50 kick on 55 build
5x100 on 1.20
4x100 on 1.15
3x100 on 1.10
2x100 on 1.05
1x100 on 1min
200 easy
3x(4x50 on 1min fast, 4x25 AFAP on 50)

Warm down
300 breath 3,5,7 and work the walls

Total 4500scy

I felt pretty tired on the 1.20's and 1.15's but stuck with it and finally started to feel ok on the 1.10's. I made all of these although the last 100 I only did on 1min, but this is a great set for me. Last time I did this I went 1.01 on the last 100 so I was faster today. The 50 and 25 set was lactic hell but picked up my pace throughout the set. On round 1 I went 28,28,28,28 on the 50's and then 13,13,13,13 on the 25s. Round two I went 27,27,27,27 on the 50's and 12,13,13,13 on the 25's. The final round I went 26,26,27,26, on the 50's and 12,12,12,12 on the 25's. My legs were burning pretty bad and I felt quite out of breath at the end of the fast set.

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