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After a long rest

Week 66 - Friday

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I went to bed early last night and was out pretty quick but woke periodically throughout the night. It was not a bad nightís sleep but not great either. Todayís workout was low intensity and not too difficult either; just what the doctor ordered.

Warm up
400 swim with snorkel(I broke the strap on my snorkel yesterday but jerry rigged it)
6x50 catchup on 45

Main set
12x50 kick on 1 min with instructions to kick easy
6x200 on 3.15, odds free and evens IM
3x500 on 6.30
5 mins of break out cord work

Warm down
200 easy

Total 4500scy

I held 38-40 on the 50s kick and felt surprisingly strong. The 200s free I unintentionally descended and went 2.10,2.05,2.02. The IMs I went 2.25s and felt pretty good. The 500s I started with the snorkel but after the first 100 on the second 500 the snorkel snapped again; this time the strap is done. From the looks on the web site you cant just buy the strap you have to buy the entire strap and band that integrates into the snorkel($10). I will try using a bungee strap to see if that works. Anyhow after throwing the snorkel half the length of the pool I swam the rest without the snorkel. I went 5.25ís on the 500ís. The short breakout cord work is tough and is basically 5 minutes of non stop push off and breakouts with no rest. Overall a good workout with lots of easy swimming.

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