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After a long rest

Week 66 - Saturday

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I finally had a solid nights sleep last night and woke up feeling pretty good. I love Saturday morning because we swim later than the rest of the week, yet its still early and I generally wake up without the alarm and have a coffee and read the online newspapers before I swim. I finally started to feel good today, like my taper was starting to kick in. It's early and I don't feel completely rested but even a couple of days of rest at this point makes a huge difference. I still do not feel quick but I am starting to swim quicker with far less effort. Considering I have two weeks of the taper left and we are still doing pretty decent yardage I am excited about the taper. Tom told me that tomorrow is my last non swimming day so make the most of it. I will still get lots of sleep but we will be swimming every day to the meet. I have always liked staying wet during my taper and I am looking forward to the next two weeks. Today's workout was fun and despite doing a lot of 50s I really enjoyed the workout, especially starting to feel easy speed.

Warm up
4x300 on 4.30 swum by 100, swim, kick, drill

Main sets
30x50 swum as 5x(2x50 swim, 1x50 kick, 2x50 catchup, 1x50) starting on 35s for all 50s within the set and adding 5 secs per round.
12x100 swim with snorkel on 1.10 swum smooth
10x50 power rack with 80lbs on 1min

Warm down
150 easy

Total 4550scy

The 50s were fun and i liked starting with the fast 50s and the set getting easier. The kick was obviously quite challenging but i made the time, but by the time i did a quick drop of the kick board i was playing catchup.In particular the catchup 50s were touch and go. The aerobic 100s were surprisingly easy and despite swimming them with my broken snorkel I made the times very easily. I need to buy a new finis snorkel head band but at $10 I am going to try a few cheaper solutions first. I will try a bungee cord when our pool store opens on Monday. The power rack was hard today but I felt like I was flying when I was warming down even though I was going very easy.

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