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How I confuse myself for fun

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I’m glad I had a good swim at the pool last Saturday, because the cold snap meant that it didn’t open up again until Wednesday afternoon. I felt sludgy and unmotivated for my workout that afternoon. The pool was crowded—they only opened a limited number of lanes, keeping the deep end covered, and the Sewanee college kids were back, plus a group of Navy candidates doing their swim test (for which they apparently were not allowed to wear goggles, since none of them were). That only left a couple of lanes for lap swimmers. This is what I did:

1000 scy warmup

8 x 25 @ :30, 2 each stroke IM order, odds ez, evens fast

Super-duper math set
30 x 50 @ 1:00, with (cumulatively unless noted otherwise)

  • Multiples of 3 = breaststroke
  • Multiples of 4 = backstroke
  • Multiples of 7 = fly
  • Everything else FR, with strokes falling earlier in the IM trumping those falling later
  • Primes = kick
  • Triangulars = sprint
  • Squares = double distance (ie 100) @ 1:30
  • Perfect numbers = appropriate stroke backwards (feet first), not worrying about interval (or about sprinting on #28)

[The original math set (rules 1-4) had previously morphed into the “super math set” with the addition of rule 5. The last time we did that one, I was thinking about what other complications one could add, and came up with the last 3 constraints. I have to confess I got a bit confused on a couple of the 50s, but the set at least did keep me moving in the water on a day when I wasn’t feeling that into the swimming. I want another go at it, on a day when I can go up to 50, because it seemed a shame not to get to swim double distance fly.]

300 warmdown

This morning I enjoyed a double dip, in the gulf and then in the pool. The day was gray and misty, and with air temps in the 40s—perfect for hopping in the ocean! It was actually really beautiful out there, with the gulf fading indistinguishably into the sky when I breathed seaward, and everything made hazy and magical-spooky by sea smoke. The water was still enough, and the tide high enough, that I could swim on the near side of the sandbar close to shore. I stayed in for about 30 minutes, but the last 10 or so of that was spent just floating with my eyes closed and enjoying the gentle rhythm of the water.

I was chilled through when I got out—water temps have dropped to 52 here—but warmed up quickly inside in front of the fire. Later in the morning I drove over to the pool for my second swim of the day. There was just one other swimmer in the 20-lane pool when I arrived around noon, but he got out shortly after my warmup, and I had the whole pool (not to mention the longsuffering lifeguard) to myself under the gray drizzly sky for the rest of this practice:

1000 scy warmup

FR/IM flat-topped pyramid
100 FR
200 IM
300 FR
400 IM
:30 rest
400 FR pull
300 IM
200 FR pull
100 IM
All FR = 1:30/100 interval, all IM = 1:45/100 interval

500 warmdown + play

That was it! There’s no more super-cold weather forecast during the rest of my stay, so I hope the pool will stay open regular hours for the duration. I’ve missed the morning LCM swims!

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  1. mgemelli's Avatar
    Love the math set. I'll have to try it sometime, although usually I have trouble remembering straight intervals, let alone prime and perfect numbers!