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After a long rest

Week 68 - Monday

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Yesterday was a glorious weather day in Dallas with temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s, but very windy. Mountain Cedar which is a big allergen here was also very high and my eyes were itchy and my chest was tight by the end of the day. This morning I felt ok when I got up but when I arrived at the pool I noticed the smell of chlorine in the air and during my warmup felt my chest again and during my first fast swim felt like I was breathing through a straw.

Warm up
400 swim with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45
10x50 drill swim by 25 on 1min

Main set
200 easy
1 broken 200 swum as 50,100,50 with 5 rest between 50 and 100 and 10 between 100 and 50
300 easy
1 broken 100 swum as 25,50,25 with 5 seconds between 25 and 50 and 5 seconds rest between 50 and 25
300 easy
1 broken 100 broken each 25 with 5 seconds
300 easy
50 AFAP from the blocks

Warm down
250 easy

Total 3000scy

On the broken 200 I had a big scare and went very dizzy withshortness of breath and had to pull up midway. A similar thing happened last year and it was just as scary today as it was then. I am not used to asking my body to do something and not being able to at least give it a go. Despite still being tight chested I rested for a few minutes and then had another go with the rest of the main set. I managed to make all the shorter rest swims without the dizziness but still had a tough time breathing. On the first broken 100 I went 49.9, the second I went 48.6 and the final 50 I went 22.8(which is my fastest training 50 to date). I spoke with my doctor late morning and she renewed my allergy meds and I am going to see her tomorrow. She thinks it's my allergies compounded by the crappy air at the pool, so fingers crossed no lasting affects and I have time to recover before the weekend meet. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    That is very scary about the 200. I hope that it doesn't happen again.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ekw
    That is very scary about the 200. I hope that it doesn't happen again.
    Yes It was not a nice feeling but fortunately I felt much better today. I am my own worst enemy at times because i dont back off and i have not had the feeling of being unable to give a set a go, previously. I hope yesterday was an aboration.